What's Inside Monol’s Common Kitchens?

When MONOL made the announcement about reopening this year, we emphasized the major changes that our academy went through as an effect of the pandemic. Apart from renovating our dorms, we have also discontinued offering meals to students, which surprised our partners.
We understand your worries well. For this reason, Monol made sure that students have a variety of options for their meals and still study comfortably.
Previously, we introduced the restaurant on campus where students may buy their meals whenever they like. This time, we would like to give you a peek at what the Monol Kitchen looks like and what cooking tools and equipment are available.

Students may shop for groceries, meat, vegetables and fruits at SM Mall, but the nearest supermarket to Monol is PUREGOLD Cooyeesan, which is 5-10 minutes away from the school by taxi.
There are also convenience stores located around Monol, where students may buy ingredients and sari-sari stores that also sell common vegetables and fruits.

We may have removed meals as part of our package, but we still place the students’ convenience above all else. By opening common kitchens, we can also cater to students with special dietary needs, whether because of their religion or their chosen lifestyle.